November 6th-Fall Back

Change Your Clock & Change A Bulb!

person on a ladder changing light bulbThe National Fire Protection Association and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend that consumers change the battery in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when we change the clocks for Daylight Saving Time.

While you've got the ladder out to check your smoke detectors, why not change a bulb?

Switching to energy efficient bulbs in your ceiling fixtures could save you $30 a year per bulb on your electricity bill.

Energy efficient lighting is particularly important in the fall when Daylight Saving Time ends and the days are shorter.

The latest generation of energy-saving lighting includes compact fluorescent bulbs that fit in standard light sockets and provide pleasant, uniform light.

Low-energy halogen or LED lighting is also becoming widely available.

Visit or for information on lighting rebates and discounts

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Birthdays for December

3rd Dr. Joanne Lapetina
8th T.J. Smith
18th James Babcock
21st Gwen Robinson
24th Oceania Jessup


We have received a number of requests for CPR classes.  We do not teach CPR.  Please visit our Links Gallery for links to:

American Red Cross & American Heart Association for information on CPR Classes.




EMS Management & Consultants, Inc.
P. O. Box 863
Lewisville, North Carolina 27023

Customer Service Line: 1-800-814-5339

Fax #: 1-336-766-6870

Patients can also go to to add insurance information, make a payment or ask a question about a bill.

Revenue received from this billing goes directly to the County of Powhatan.


Each year in the fall, Powhatan Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc. conducts a "picture" fund drive.  A vendor contacts citizens on behalf of PVRS and solicits donations.  These generous donations are used for specialized equipment, training and maintenance on squad owned property.  In return each family receives a complementary family portrait.

Thank you for your continued support of your Volunteer Rescue Squad.








Please send donations to:

Powhatan Volunteer Rescue Squad, Inc.

P O Box 247

Powhatan, Virginia 23139-0247



Standby Requests

A "Request for Standby" form must be completed and sent either via email or fax at least 4 weeks prior to an event.

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